Board Members

Diane Zandee

Diane is The Treasurer of the Dutch Foundation. In her daily life she is Consultant Finance and Sustainability for social entrepreneurs.
Former management functions at Dutch Railways, Eneco Group, Van Gansewinkel. Master Bussiness Administration, Corporate Social Responsibility.

She believes in a South African saying: “..If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”

Antoine Heideveld

Antoine Heideveld is the Secretary of the Dutch Foundation. He is educated as a biologist at the University of Amsterdam. Currently he is the managing director of Het Groene Brein, Green Minds, a network of scientists for the new, circular economy, seeking system changes that lead to a sustainable economic system. Antoine previously worked for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the University of Amsterdam and the Foundation for Sustainable Higher Education.

Allard Friedrich

Allard is the Chairman of the Dutch Foundation. He is Co-founder and relations manager of the Young Club of Rome. His mission is to connect people and encourage initiatives to make the world a better, more beautiful and greener place. Allard is a green chemical engineer and networker for over 15 years of experience. He likes to focus on transformational change through tangible action, and sustainable energy.