" A beautiful job, with compelling voices...Bravo!"

 Joanna Macy, Author, Environmental activist, Buddhist scholar.

“A catalyst for changing the world, and a must see for every decision maker in this world

-Prof. Michael Braungart. Co-founder Cradle-2-Cradle.

"Economic growth not only turns nature into products, but also human relationships into services"

-Prof. Michael Braungart. Co-founder Cradle-2-Cradle.

" The only thing harder than making the changes explored in this film is the future we will face if we don’t make them"

-Betsy Rosenberg, Author Huffington Post, Veteran CBS radio anchor

" There are many films out there, this one stands above the others for its systems-thinking and solutions approach."

-Jeremy Lent, Author, Founder Climate Compassion

The mission of The New Normal Foundation is to create meaningful change for a regenerative planet.

In line with the award-winning documentary Normal Is Over, we aim to ‘connect money to nature’ by inspiring people and building “a new normal” for the health of our planet and the survival of all its remaining inhabitants. The Foundation used to be called The Making of The Future Foundation, 

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